Frequently Asked Questions

Why use Pentane instead of other solvents?

Lots of reasons. According to OSHA, Pentane is non toxic at realativly high concentrations. It boils at 97° F, which preserves the various oils being extracted. Because Pentane boils at such a low tempeture, hot and cold water is all that is required to recover Pentane from extraction tinctures.

Do other systems for home use recover the extraction solvent?

A few do, most don't. Please stay away from the systems that do not. The OilXGreen is the worlds least expensive closed loop oil extraction system.

What kind of essential oils can be extracted with Pentane?

Just about any organic material that contains oil can be concentrated with Pentane!

Will the OilxGreen system extract all the targeted oil in just one run?

Depends on source material. We usally soak for an hour or two and obtain 90% or so of the targeted oil. Depending on the value of the source material, a second soak might be justified.


Since Pentane boils at a low temperature, do I need a special storage unit?

Nope! Any refrigerator will do.

Are the componets in your system Food grade?

Yes. The 316 Stainless Steel Alloy we use is approved for food and medical applications. The gaskets we use are made of FDA Grade Nitrile. The Mason Jars are of course safe for food.

How long do you warranty your system?

Other than the glass, FOREVER.

Will I need anything else to use your system?

Other than Pentane, Hot Water, Ice, and source material everything you need to start extracting essential oils is included in the OilXGreen kit.

What other questions should I ask?

That is a good question! Drop us an email and we'll quickly respond.